1… A Quality Management System

Let us introduce QUASY – Your gateway to superior quality management


      • QUASY allows you to get a solid base of all required modules (and their procedures and forms) along with the relevant training modules within days, instead of months.

      • QUASY can be deployed super fast making it even suitable for short term preparation to increase evaluation before a pitch.

      • We’ve partnered with CogiDox and ZenQMS to enable rapid migration to an infinitely scalable cloud-based version, which we’ll help validate if needed.

    Key Benefits:


        • Business Continuity: Due to its ultra efficient implementation there is barely any interruption to your business continuity.

        • Compliance Simplified: QUASY enables you to align your operations and data with regulatory expectations to meet industry expectations. This reduces regulatory delays and mitigates risk for a successful product.

        • Data Integrity: Solid procedures and well-designed processes enable data integrity, increasing the robustness of your patents and development work before partnering or preparing for clinical trials.

        • Efficiency and Scalability: OWorking in a standardized manner allows you to scale quickly, reduce redundant work, and mitigate the risk of key personnel leaving with critical undocumented knowledge.

      2… Ongoing Support

      Sometimes the issue is not getting a QMS, but managing the work associated with it, because there are not enough quality managers, juniors are not qualified, and seniors in the start-up have to manage the day-to-day operations. If this is the case, we can help you fill the gap either on an interim basis (e.g. handling supplier qualification with our certified auditors, equipment qualification or any other task) or we can work with your company on a fixed hourly basis until your company is big enough and has had time to staff it internally and you decide you don’t need us anymore.

      Email us at: sales@austrianpharmaservices.com

      3… An Investor, as we don´t have the funding

      As a business angel, Michael Brandauer tries to support companies wherever he can to contribute to a better future. If you’re just starting out and need support, feel free to send us your pitch and we’ll have a conversation to see if we can help. Email to: michael.brandauer@austrianpharmaservices.com


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